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Who we are

We are Czechs and Slovaks, organized in the Czech and Slovak Juche Idea Study Group, founded on May 3, 2022 and following the long tradition of Czechoslovak-Korean, Czech-Korean and Slovak-Korean relations.

The study group is not recognized, let alone controlled, by the embassy or other authorities of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Unconditional and complete agreement with the policy of the DPRK is not a condition of membership.

The website of the study group is not created, controlled or influenced by the DPRK, and texts not taken from the DPRK media may not correspond to its political line.

The chairman of the Czech and Slovak study group of Juche ideas is Lukáš Vrobel, holder of the Order of Friendship of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (awarded in 2019).

You can contact us by e-mail