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Speech of comrade Alexander Velitš at the European Seminar on the Juche Idea

Dear Comrades,

a few days ago we celebrated 71 years since the establishment of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. I am very pleased that last year I was able to visit the DPRK and see the grand and beautiful celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Republic.

The founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 71 years ago was the culmination of a more than 20-year-long struggle of the Korean people led by the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung against the Japanese occupiers. As a result, the Korean people have finally gained their independence.

Thanks to the great Juche idea and the wise centrally planned economy, the DPRK has succeeded in creating the flourishing flower garden of socialism and a cradle of true human happiness. The socialist state system in the DPRK provides workers with benefits unprecedented in the world, such as full employment, the right to housing for everyone, free health care, free education, progressive culture and much more. Thanks to socialism, working people, youth and pensioners can live a valuable life in the DPRK without worrying about the future.

After the victory over imperialist Japan in the 1940s, however, a new, even worse enemy appeared, the United States of America, which possesed the latest military technology, including atomic bombs and biological weapons. But the Korean people succeeded in the Fatherland Liberation War and defeated this technically powerful enemy, thanks to the enormous military wisdom and brilliant tactics of Comrade Kim Il Sung, and thanks to the noble morale and indomitable will of the people.
The threat from the United States has not disappeared even after the victory in the war. The Americans are still occupying the southern part of the Korean peninsula and hindering the way to an independent reunification of the fatherland, provoking by agressive military maneuvers and seditious propaganda.

Some decades ago, there was a bipolarity in the world, thanks to the existence of a socialist bloc. There was a certain balance was struck between the forces of socialism and capitalism. After the collapse of the socialist bloc and the betrayal of some formally socialist countries, the United States became a hegemon of the world, claiming to be the only superpower and the global cop. The former socialist countries have become economic neocolonies of the United States of America and of their Western European satellites. The industry of these countries was privatized and devastated.

Despite the difficult international situation and pressure from the imperialist and reactionary forces, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has succeeded in avoiding the cruel fate of many other socialist countries, thanks to the firm will and single-hearted unity of the Korean people, and mainly thanks to the immortal merits of the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, who, even in the most difficult times of the Arduous March, did not raise the white flag of surrender but uphold the red banner of the Revolution, saving the socialism in the DPRK for future generations.

The DPRK seeks to defend its independence through the Juche idea, which is built on the pillars of self-sufficiency, political independence and independence in defense. The efforts of the Korean nation have recently borne fruit by building a nuclear arsenal, making the DPRK one of the nuclear powers. This ensured that the imperialists would not dare to attack the DPRK militarily in the way they have done in the world many times in history.

Today, in addition to military pressure, imperialists are also doing economic and cultural pressure, which is even more dangerous and has been paid for by former socialist countries, including Slovakia, where I currently live. Under the influence of Western propaganda and the false tinsel of capitalism, the Czechoslovak people rejected the ideas of socialism and had restored capitalism with all its negatives. The society has been dominated by exaggerated free-thinking and people are losing their dignity, thinking they are free. If a government attempts to defy ever-increasing decadence, Western NGOs will attempt to carry out a coup d’état.

Even many visitors to the DPRK from capitalist countries, who come here as tourists, businessmen or students, try to promote bourgeois culture and decadence in various creepy ways. In this context, the mosquito net need to be further strengthened to prevent infiltrating of the cultural and ideological poisoning virus to the DPRK; because if the national culture is cleared, people will lose national awareness and fall into nihilism. Any destroyed material wealth can be restored, but nothing can restore the mental and moral destruction of the human being or the ideological and cultural destruction of the nation. Unfortunately, even in some formal socialist countries that have come into military confrontation with the United States in the past, their governments today bow to the imperialists and people have fallen into decadent Western culture, wearing American flag t-shirts and eating in American fast food shops – the symbols of modern economic neo-colonization – as if they had forgotten what the imperialist aggressors had been doing to their ancestors few decades ago.

In the former Czechoslovakia, the people got infected by imperialist ideological and cultural poisoning and lost their true independence. Political work in the communist movement in a country that has been broken by capitalism is very demanding because people here are not interested in the ideas of socialism and are fooled by fake Western propaganda, busy with the daily pitfalls of capitalism in which the jungle law operates. So at least I fight for maintain of socialism in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

At present, under the leadership of the respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un, the DPRK has achieved despite the sanctions not only economic and military achievements but also excellent diplomatic achievements and forced the imperialists to sit at one negotiating table. Negotiations have also taken place to alleviate tensions in the Korean Peninsula and to open the way for independent reunification of the fatherland.

A true independent reunification will be possible only when the imperialists stop blending into the internal affairs of the Korean nation. The United States must withdraw their forces from the occupied part of the Korean Peninsula, officially apologize for the crimes caused to the Korean people during the war, and stop enforcing their influence in south Korea. The Korean people have never tried to force Americans to live a Korean way of life, so even Americans have no right to push an American way of life to Koreans.

As a young person, I especially like the way how young people live in the DPRK. Unlike in capitalist countries, where many young people admire alcohol or drugs, following a liberal way of life and study only for their own career goals; in the DPRK, youth professes socialist culture and lives accordingly. Students do not study because of money or diploma, but to be able to faithfully serve their homeland and lead it to bright tomorrows under the leadership of the Mother Party.

It is a pity that in today’s world there is no more significant economic union of anti-imperialist states, as an alternative to trading with capitalist countries, who would respect the independence of individual countries.

However, I believe that the DPRK will defend the cause of independence, even in the current unfavorable international situation, as long as it keeps follow the Juche idea. We too, supporters of the Juche idea from different countries of the world, should further intensify our ideological work and our struggle for the defense of the DPRK and for the cause of socialism.

I wish the respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un to record only successes in his work for developing socialism over the next decades, and for the Korean people to live forever in the socialist system, not knowing the tragedy of capitalism.

Long live the glorious Juche idea!

Thank you for your attention.