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Speech of 1st Vice-Chairman of Paektusan Czech-Korean Association in Pyongyang


The Injustice of Western False Propaganda Against the DPRK and the Activities of the Czech Group for the Study and Materialization of the Juche Idea, aimed at promoting the reality of Juche Korea


Lukáš Vrobel

first vice-chairman of the Paektusan Czech-Korean Friendship Association

and the Czech Group for the Study and Materialization of the Juche Idea


Pyongyang, April 14, Juche 108 (2019)


Dear comrades,

first of all, let me express thanks on behalf of the Paektusan Czech-Korean Friendship Association and the Czech Group for the Study and Materialization of the Juche Idea to the Korean Association of Social Scientists for enabling participating and speaking in this conference. It is a great honor for us.


Our organization started activities in the early 1990s and was founded by comrades who participated in the development of the friendship of the former Czechoslovak Socialist Republic with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. After the restoration of capitalism, they opposed the confrontational policy of bourgeois power, subordinated to imperialism, against the people’s Korea. They translated and disseminated information that socialist Korea did not capitulate in the period of the greatest tragedy of the world revolutionary movement and passed the toughest conditions as the state of true rule of working people and the cradle of human happiness.

In recent years, in our activities also have been involved younger members, who have grown up and been raised in capitalism, but have understood the falsity of reactionary propaganda and do not cover their eyes against the injustices of a class-divided egoist society where rich exploiters rule. Most of people’s masses of capitalist states are now politically unconscious. Many of them say that socialism has been definitively defeated, but progressive people derive inspiration from the revolutionary traditions of the communist and workers‘ movements and seek to uplift it. They are pride of the achievements of building socialism and analyze the mistakes and shortcomings that led to the restoration of capitalism in most of the former countries of the camp of peace.

The social instability of capitalist countries, the intensifying class differences, the warmongering and terrorism, along with the devastation of the environment, convincingly demonstrate that capitalism has no future. On the contrary, from the great experience of Juche Korea, we can see that only a socialist society based on collectivism and single-hearted unity can ensure a dignified, happy and meaningful life for all.

With the Juche idea of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, the DPRK has become self-sufficient in politics, economics and national defense, avoiding the pernicious influence of revisionists in the international revolutionary movement. With a strong emphasis on class education, developed by the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, it was able to stand up to a period of intense pressure from imperialism and criminal economic sanctions. Thereby the great kimilsungism-kimjongilism inspires also the people of the former socialist countries, where the profound ideological corruption was the root cause of the victory of counter-revolution.

The counter-revolutionary regime divided Czechoslovakia in the interests of imperialism into two weak western-oriented countries, soon dragged into the NATO aggressive pact and into the European Union. Both states are fully controlled by the omnipresent antisocialist propaganda, aimed both at defaming the revolutionary traditions and at slandering all supporters of socialism and national independence, with the heroic People’s Democratic Republic of Korea at first place. The aim is to create a general belief that there is no alternative to exploitative society.

Propaganda cannot conceal such a major negatives of capitalism as the huge increase in homelessness, beggary, criminality or suicides, the inability to secure affordable housing for the majority and the disintegration of public health care, but it is downplaying them claiming that socialism is even worse. Especially shameful is the theory of „two totalities“, fascism and socialism (or communism), which are described as opposed to democracy together. In a false political plurality, voters can choose almost exclusively from candidates supporting imperialism. People-oriented candidates seeking social progress are bribed and intimidated by capitalist states, and revolutionary organizations are being persecuted, so in fact, all power is in the hands of the exploiters and their servants.

Blatant rumors and insults to the people’s Korea are a solid part of anti-socialist propaganda. Their dissemination is facilitated by the fact that the vast majority of the population of the Czech Republic cannot visit the People’s Republic of Korea due to its large geographical distance and do not know its history and culture sufficiently, so that they can easily believe in very improbable claims, which are called to shock the public and cause strong negative emotions. At the same time, creators of „DPRK human rights“ campaigns advocate capitalism, whose history is written by human blood and is responsible for such horrible crimes as two world wars with tens of millions of dead.

The assertion that the DPRK in fact is a capitalist state is especially treacherous. This slander, which is meant to avert progressive people from its example, is not a new weapon in the armory of anti-communism. It was used decades ago against the first socialist state of the world, the Soviet Union.



The Paektusan Czech-Korean Friendship Association and the Czech Group for the Study and Materialization of the Juche Idea strive to learn and promote Korean socialism. To improve the awareness of the Czech and Slovak public about the Korean Revolution, we launched a new website four years ago, where we regularly publish in the Czech or Slovak language the works of great leaders, up-to-date information from the Korean media, photos from the Korean media and from our visits to Korea and your own articles and statements to support the policy of glorious Worker’s Party of Korea. We publish the magazine „Paektusan“ and other printed agitprop materials, we hold discussions about Korea, we talk about it in the media and we argue with opponents. Our members are active in progressive political parties and social organizations and seek to attract more activists for the cause of socialism.

All our members, who had the opportunity to visit people’s Korea, were delighted and encouraged to continue our common cause. We appreciate the attention and hospitality that the Korean comrades give us. We are proud of being able to personally see the Respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un and to honour the memory of the great leaders at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun.


Korean socialism must not be just an unattainable ideal for us at the other end of the world. It is our duty not only to defend it and take lessons and inspiration from it, but above all to achieve the victory of socialism around the world, in accordance with the Juche idea, with an emphasis on national independence.

Let me wish the heroic Korean people much success in building and defending socialism, in efforts for lasting and rightful peace and for an independent reunification of the country.


Long live the great kimilsungism-kimjongilism!

Long live the glorious Worker’s Party of Korea!

Long live the Respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un!