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16th plenary meeting of Paektusan Association was held

Prague (Praha), June 17, Juche 107 (2018) – On Saturday, June 16, Juche 107 (2018) the 16th plenary meeting of the Paektusan Czech-Korean Friendship Association, a registered association, was held in Prague to review the activities from the 15th plenary meeting held on June 17, Juche 106 (2017) and to discuss its work in a situation of a gradual process of moderating tensions between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the largest imperialist power of the world, the United States.
The meeting began with the national anthems of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The meeting room was decorated with the DPRK flag and the picture of the Great Leaders Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il surrounded by children. Participants were offered Paektusan magazines and stickers, and brochures with works of the Great Leaders.
The activity report was delivered by Paektusan Association first Vice-Chairman, comrade RSDr. Jozef Servista, who excused the chairman comrade RSDr. Jaroslav Kafka from the meeting due to long-term illness. He congratulated the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on the ongoing talks with the US President and on further successes. He expressed his full solidarity with the DPRK, which wants to live in peace and to enhance its homeland.
The participants honored the commemoration of the honorary chairman, founder and former chairman of the Paektusan Association, comrade Jiří Jarka, who died on 7 February this year.
Comrade Servista said in a report that the committee of the Association met 13 times from the 15th plenary meeting and thanked the members of the committee for their activities, notably with new promotional materials to support socialist Korea, participation in friendship delegations in the DPRK, and talks made to bring the findings from the public to the public, clarifying its progressive policy.
He thanked DPRK Ambassador comrade Kim Pyong Il and embassy staff for valuable help and cooperation in the Association’s activities.
He introduced the participants with concluded cooperation agreements with Left Women’s Clubs and the Czech Borderlands Club of Litoměřice (a town), which were ceremoniously signed at the plenary meeting together with the chairwoman of the Republic Council of Left Women´s Clubs comrade Mgr. Květa Šlahúnková and chairman of the Czech Borderlands Club of Ústí nad Labem Region comrade Jan Dlouhý.
Speech of the Embassy Councilor comrade Ing. Kim Chon Se was delivered by the III. Secretary of embassy comrade Ma Chol Hun. He highly honored that Paektusan Czech-Korean Friendship Association greatly contributed to the deepening of the friendly sentiment among Korean and Czech people and actively pursued solidarity to support the struggle of the people of Korea for building socialism and reunification of their homeland. He wished the Assiciation members many successes in their further work.
He made clear the current policy of the DPRK, where the immortal line and wish of the eternal leaders Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il is faithfully and consistently carried out by the Respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un, under whose leadership at the head of the Korean Workers Party, it will surely achieve final victory in the work of the Korean people to build socialism and reunification of the divided homeland.
He recalled 70-years-old Czech-Korean relations and added: „We are rightly proud of this history of friendly relations and we will strive to continue to strengthen friendly relations between people of the two countries on the basis of good traditions and experiences of the past.“
After the introductory speeches and the election of the commissions, changes were made to the bodies of the Association.
Chairman of the Paektusan Association comrade RSDr. Jaroslav Kafka was released due to long-term illness. Comrade RSDr. Jozef Servista was released from the position of 1st Vice-Chairman and comrade Lukáš Vrobel from the position of Vice-Chairman.
Comrade RSDr. Jaroslav Kafka was elected as Honorary Chairman. Comrade RSDr. Jozef Servista was elected as Chairman of the Paektusan Association. Comrade Lukáš Vrobel was elected as 1st Vice-Chairman. Comrade Alexander Velitš was elected as chairman. Comrade Roman Blaško was elected as a member of the committee.
The financial report was presented by comrade Ing. Pavel Rejf, CSc. A commented photo presentation of the Paektusan delegation to the DPRK in April this year was presented by comrade Lukáš Vrobel. Presentation on the website of Paektusan Association was presented by comrade Štefan Kubini.
In the discussion, the participants expressed their support for the DPRK and the pride of its policy, defending the interests of ordinary people and national self-sufficiency and identity. Comrade Alexander Velitš sang the Korean song „Under Your Leadership We Will Win“, dedicated to the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il.
At the end of the meeting, a statement was issued unanimously, commending the achievements of the DPRK, and reluctantly rejecting the embarrassing campaign of human rights violations in the DPRK and interfering with its internal affairs. The statement condemns the unfair and inhumane economic sanctions and calls for their immediate abolition. It sends heartfelt greetings to the heroic Korean people in the 70th anniversary of the DPRK and wishes them many successes in building and defending socialist society.
The committee of the Paektusan Committee in its adopted resolution thanked comrade Jaroslav Kafka for his long-term, indefatigable and indecent work for the Paektusan Association and his merit for further development of the activities and the extension of the membership base, and for all those present for participation and an active approach to the plenary meeting.
The 16th plenary meeting was concluded with the Korean revolutionary song „Let’s Go to Mount Paektu“.